Touring Kayak Necky Chatham 16 Ocean Sea Touring Kayak w/ Skeg

Touring Kayak
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Necky Chatham 16 Ocean Sea Touring Kayak w/ Skeg – An ideal explorer built to minimize windage, the Chatham 16 offers great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. The full-chined hull provides incredible stability for its width and quick response to edging and lean turns. Designed to inspire confidence, it allows you to push your limits and expand your comfort zone. A retractable skeg featuring kink-free NeckyWire, allows you to adjust the trim of your kayak in windy conditions, reducing fatigue and making a significant difference in your boat’s ability to track. The outfitting is relaxed and roomy. Made of water-resistant durable molded foam, the seat is designed specifically to reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. By actually improving blood, you’ll be able to paddle longer distances without your feet and legs falling asleep. Adjustable backband, thigh braces and foot pedals allow you to further customize the fit. Three bulkheads and water-resistant Valley hatches complete the package. Optimized for long-distance exploration and multi-day trips, the Chatham truly excels at coastal exploration.

  • Superliner polyethylene plastic, Extrasport Touring Outfitting, Ergonomic waterproof seat
  • Adjustable backband, Adjustable thigh braces, Adjustable foot pedals
  • Retractable skeg w/ kink-resistant wire, 7.5″ day hatch w/ bulkhead, Bow & stern carry handles
  • 16″ x 9″ bow & stern hatches w/ bulkhead, Bow & stern deck rigging, Safety perimeter lines
  • 1.4 Deck, Seals skirt & cover fit the Chatham 16

Necky Chatham 16 Ocean Sea Touring Kayak w/ Skeg

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