Inflatable Kayak Sea Eagle PRO Inflatable Kayak with Paddles and PFD’s

Inflatable Kayak
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The SE370 inflatable kayak packs down to fit in a storage bag, but has cargo space for camping supplies for several days. An inflatable kayak can be used for fishing, yacht tending or skin diving. For river runners, the Sea Eagle 370 can handle up to class three whitewater. In many ways, this is the easiest to use, the most versatile and the most fun inflatable kayak that we sell. •NMMA Certified •Self bailing drain valve •Three deluxe one-way inflation/deflationt valves •Lashed down inflatable spray skirts •I-beam construction floor •2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed •Pressure Gauge and Repair Kit •Bow & Stern Grab Line

  • This special package includes TWO paddling pfd vests, TWO paddles, a small dry bag, pump, storage bag, and emergency patch kit.
  • 7’10″ Double end asymetrical paddle is great for all our canoe, kayak and paddleski models. The paddle features aluminum shafts with Fibrylon blades. It has a 65 degree feather capability. Snap lock buttons to disconnect into 4 parts. Weighs just 2.62 lbs.
  • Designed specifically for paddling or rowing comfort, these high buoyancy life vests have much more room under the arms for true paddling freedom. Features zipper closure, convenient vest pocket and adjustable nylon straps for secure fit.
  • 3 Persons or 650 lbs Capacity, Inflation & Assembly time: 8 min.
  • This affordable inflatable sport kayak is lightweight and portable; weighing just 32 lbs

Sea Eagle PRO Inflatable Kayak with Paddles and PFD’s

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