Angler Kayak Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak 2012

Angler Kayak
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The Native Ultimate 12 Angler kayak is popular for all forms of recreational paddling. It has generous storage space for paddling, fishing, photography or camping equipment and an array of features including cup holders, arm rests, and comfortable carry handles to enhance every day on the water. The unique First Class seating system supports you for hours of paddling, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun. You can remove it quickly to load your boat easily. Adjust the seat back and bottom to give you more support during a hard paddle or recline it a bit and relax while you wait for a fish to take the bait. The Native Tunnel Hull design is extraordinarily stable for a single hull boat. It creates a boat-wide platform that minimizes rocking when you redistribute weight, and allows you to stand for long periods for scouting, poling or sight fishing, with confidence. Bow and stern symmetry help the hull track well in the water and allow you to change direction instantly. The Adapt-A-Trak Accessory System employs recessed channels around the boat that accept accessories tailored with a matching edging. This system provides a unique set of outfitting opportunities by sliding or snapping accessories onto the kayak. Easy Foot Footbraces provide excellent adjustability from your seated position, and employs large footpads to reduce the back and leg effort required to maintain contact and control while you paddle. Features: Utility trays hold small items that need temporary rest spots. Type: Light Touring (12ft.-14ft.), Hull Design: Sit-In, Length: 12ft. 1in., Kayak Width: 30 in., Weight: 55 lbs., Material: Rotomold Polyethylene, Cockpit Length: 12.1 in., Cockpit Width: 30 in., Cockpit Depth: 12 in., Number of Paddlers: 1, Weight Capacity: 350 lbs., Bulk Heads: None, Hatches: None, Deck Rigging: None, Seat: First Class, Adjustable Seat: Yes, Rudder: Rudder (sold separately), Skill Range: Beginner – Advanced Intermediate, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 217212, KayakShipping Not

  • First Class seat
  • Tunnel Hull
  • Adapt-A-Trak
  • Padded arm rests make paddling, angling, and relaxing easier on elbows
  • Cup holders are convenient to help keep you hydrated

Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 Angler Kayak 2012

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